Quotes / Talking to Himself

Matt: Mike’s pretty concerned about the pizza arriving on time, which leads to the ever-memorable “Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza” line, which I loved as a kid but now kind of find to be a real dick move.
Chris: Also worth noting: The Pizza Guy is the dude who’s in the Michelangelo suit for the rest of the movie. Mike’s screwing himself out of three bucks.
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

Bruce Wayne (formerly Batman): "Surprised to see me?"
Batman: "A little. I'm more surprised that I lived so long."
Terry Mc Guinness (future Batman): "Batman, Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne, Batman. Or, have you met?"
Bruce/Batman: "Not now!"
Terry: "Great. What did they used to call it, Stereo?"
Justice League Unlimited - "The Once and Future Thing"

Animated!Bumblebee: We need help! Big help! Maybe we can rig a communicator and call in Grimlock...or maybe con Lugnut into helping us out.
Beast Wars!Megatron: Please. Who do I look like, Scott McNeil?
Bee in the City

An innocent competition quickly becomes the most existentially disturbing cartoon episode in history when you realize that Applejack and Rainbow Dash both have the same voice actress.

Which means this is essentially 22 minutes of Ashleigh Ball talking to herself.
A YouTube commenter on "Fall Weather Friends".

Lamia Loveless: I'll eliminate the Thick Cylinder.
Lamia: Now it's our turn, sister.
Aschen Brodel: Watch me closely, and eventually you'll be able to do this too.
Lamia: No thanks.
Lamia: Sequence Start!
Lamia: Haah! Commencing barrage! Here!
Aschen: Code DTD, activate!🎵 Leave this t'me!!
Aschen: Aschen Punch, rush and rush!
Aschen: Time to finish you off! Not! Striking~!
Lamia: I am next!
Lamia: Full Boost!
Lamia: Neutron Blaster!! Fire!
Covert Operative: All that remains... Is the darkness...!
Lamia: That was splendid, big sister.
Aschen: Yeah! Let's practice this together when we get back!
Other than the grunt dying, this is just Kaori Shimizu essentially talking to herself in SRW OG: Moon Dwellers

Amuro: Ribbons! We don't have as much in common as you think!
Ribbons: Amuro Ray... THIS is the difference between our powers!
— Amuro Ray Vs. Ribbons Almark, Super Robot Wars Z2: Saisei Hen

(A bird-headed lady is holding a basket.)
Lady: This baby here, I can't calm it down, so you take it. Here.
(The lady hands the basket to Polnareff.)
Polnareff: Uoh?! Just because our voices sound similar, you want me to take it?
Lady: You got it.
Polnareff: I'll take care of it.

David Warner, you are under arrest by order of David Warner!

The attempt to create a procedurally-generated NPC conversation system was courageous, but then, so is jumping into a skip full of used syringes. The tiny number of voice actors just makes it laughable, with characters frequently found conversing with themselves about how much they enjoy buying from the shop owned by themselves.

Raph: And you, gappy, why do you sound so weird?
Donnie: Me sound weird? Heard yourself lately?