Quotes / TParadox

This page now exists! If somebody felt something I said was sig-worthy, hopefully it ends up here.

"Two out of two Spocks agree that Barack Obama is the only logical choice." — Bad Wolf 21

"I'm imagining exploding technicolor brownies now. " — sigged by Parable

"I might want to hold my body against her, but six months later I'd be a breakup song."
T Paradox, on dating Taylor Swift.

"My mom wanted me to use my camera to take a picture of her camera (to go with the scrapbook page of the Christmas she got it). My camera hasn't been charged or used in over a year. I plugged it in and turned it on, and it kept saying "woah, low battery! Good night!""

"Camera, if you were not on the charger, you wouldn't even have enough power to realize your battery was dry. But since you are on the charger, there's plenty of energy to take one photo."
- T Paradox, lecturing his crummy camera.

"Waffle irons are awesome. Without a waffle iron, if you try to make waffles, you just make pancakes, which are dumb."
- T Paradox, on waffle irons.