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Quotes: TOUHOU
"Touhou really is the internet's universal solvent."

“No one shall be able to drive us from the wonderland that ZUN created for us”
— ChaosAngel, The Poltergeist Mansion

"The Touhou Project is a series of danmaku shmups where there is more than meets the eye. Like Transformers, but cooler. Nothing is cooler than giant robots? Well, let me inform you that there are giant robots in Touhou. ZUN is prepared for everything."

"Loli-tastic melodies like this are what I'm best at, so I had a lot of fun composing this."

"This [Hakurei] barrier kept the outside world's common sense outside, leaving what lacked common sense inside, in Gensokyo."

Dream divertisement, a memory of a world of morning mist in an illusionary world.
This present transient world, puts it on crumbling sand.
A fabricated dream, its history of an ancient mystic world.
The shining Sun, casts over a vanishing town.

Is it an illusion, or a castle on sand?
Till daybreak, this dream is, a butterfly dream.

Dream divertisement, with the conspicuous color of an illusionary scarlet mansion.
This present transient world, puts it on a cold-hearted stone.
Daydream's, its fairy tale of an ancient beautiful capital.
The shining Sun, casts over an impurifying town.
Innocent Treasures

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