Quotes / Suspicious Video Game Generosity

Cloche: What did you think of that place brimmed with so much treasure?
Croix: What do you mean?
Cloche: I mean what I said.
Croix: ...It was practically the same as saying, "There is a trap over here."

This is...suspiciously convenient. I've gotten used to things not going my way for quite a while now.

Rebel Fighter: Let me put it this way. If you come across a room full of wooden crates, what always happens?
Gordon Frohman: I have to do a jumping puzzle?
Rebel: And if you come across a huge cache of ammo, weapons, health packs, and armor chargers, what does that mean?
Frohman: That I'm about to get my ass kicked?
Rebel: Bingo.

Barley: Oh, I got a gun.
Spike: That's not good.
Barley: Oh wait...
Spike: That's not good...