Quotes / Suspect Is Hatless

The year after the Super Bowl loss I watched the season opener at my neighborhood bar in Philly. The place was packed with your typical Eagles fans — lots of mustaches, jorts, Westbrook jerseys and Marb Light smoke.

The next morning, every telephone pole on my street had a yellow flyer stapled to it. It was an alert saying there had been an attempted sexual assault on the block the previous night.

The description of the attacker: White male, mid-30's, stocky build, mustache, wearing an Eagles jersey.

No matter what city I'm in, the news is always the same, the suspect always the same unidentified black male. I'm in Atlanta tonight, and I swear the police sketch of the black male suspect on TV looks just like the black male suspect I saw on the news last night in Denver and the night before in L.A. In every sketch he's frowning, he's menacing-and he's wearing the same knit cap! Is it possible that it's the same black guy committing every crime in America?
Michael Moore, Stupid White Men

Reese: The man who called you on Abel's phone...could you tell anything about him?
Walter: Yeah, he was really, really scary.
Dragon: What we have is this: the target is male, he is an accomplished mountain climber. We learned this from a note we intercepted. Also, a witness said he limped.
Hemlock: Well, that's fine. Now all I have to do is kill every mountain climber with a sore foot.
The Eiger Sanction (1975)