Quotes / Surprisingly Improved Sequel

"So after two fairly sub-standard beat'em ups, I bet you're wondering why I bothered writing this article? Well here you have it. The third, final, and very unexpected installment of the Sengoku series is superior to the first two games on a logorhythmic [sic] scale. Sengoku 1 and 2 don't even deserve to be mentioned in the same line of text."
David DeRienzo, Hardcore Gaming 101

"You weren't that impressed with his first movie. He wasn't your favorite Avenger. Now, get ready for the sequel that made everyone say... 'Holy s***! Who knew Captain America kicked so much ass?'"

"Does it redeem the clumsy, colorless DC movie franchise? Well, if my ticket purchases for those other movies (the ones with with the altruistic alien, the disturbed rich guy, and the clown-guy’s psychiatrist) helped fund Wonder Woman I have exactly zero regrets, and would spend that time and money again. Twice more, even."