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It's odd, I haven't really been on many forums where people PMed each other so often as on this one. It's friendly, but I'm a little unused to it, so I sort of get a bit unnerved by PMing people, especially if they haven't PMed me first. Then again, I tend to have more odd aversions to things on the Internet than in real life. I'm slightly weirded out by Forum Games and feel terribly unwelcome in the OFH. huh.
Sunshine Werewolf, on Pm'ing.

"If you [have sex] standing up upside-down in a swimming pool out by the old barnyard on a full moon at midnight with two close relatives watching then she won't get pregnant and confetti will explode out of your cock."
SunshineWerewolf in a short-lived, sex-related thread (originally added to my page by Füschlatz O'Reilly)

"Ew, Juan is indie."