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Quotes: Suburban Knights
"Beyond reality, beyond fantasy, beyond your wildest imagination... lies something better than this."
—DVD tagline

Obstacle: None shall pass.
The Nostalgia Critic: Oh, knock it off, jerkhole! Weíre in a hurry!
Obstacle: You are searching for unspeakable power.
Linkara: And itíd go a lot faster if you got out of the way.
Obstacle: But a great evil searches for it too.
Obscurus Lupa: Sort of why we need to get going.
Obstacle: He will never stop until he finds it.
The Nostalgia Critic: Okay, enough of this.
Obstacle: Your destiny awaits you.
The Nostalgia Critic: Eat lead, you fairy dropping!
Obstacle: Critic?
The Nostalgia Critic: How you doing, man? Holy smokes, I canít believe it! What have you been doing with yourself?
That Dude in the Suede: Oh, Iím an obstacle. You know how it is...
The Nostalgia Critic: No kidding youíre an obstacle! Holy smokes!
Obscurus Lupa: Who is that?
The Nostalgia Chick: Oh, thatís That Dude in the Suede. He used to do reviews for the site.
The Nostalgia Critic: That thing with your voiceĖ How did you do that?
That Dude in the Suede: It's just something I can do, you know what I mean?
The Nostalgia Critic: Thatís incredible, man, thatís incredible! Oh, itís great to see ya! Oh, hey, hey, hey- Weíre looking for Malachiteís Hand. Do you know where that is?
That Dude in the Suede: Well, of course I do. Iím an obstacle, for goodness sake.
The Nostalgia Critic: Fantastic!
That Dude in the Suede: Oh, but first you must defeat me in mortal combat.
That Dude in the Suede: Oh, touch my sword. Oh, I am defeated, Letís get out of here.
Benzaie: Oh, Suede! Itís good to see you!
That Dude in the Suede: Benzaie? I thought you hated me.
Benzaie: Benzaie does hate you, but Conan loves you.
That Dude in the Suede: Oh, all right then.
The Nostalgia Critic: Hey, Suede, what is the story behind this Malachite guy anyway?
That Dude in the Suede: Okay, let me fill you in. A long time agoÖ
— The return of That Dude in the Suede.

"You'll be a lady and like it, you panty-waist sissy!"
Obscurus Lupa, while yanking the Critic's tie and making him bend over like a girl. note 

Cloak: Father.
Joe: Whatever. Prepare to Die!

"The power is... yours."
Ma-Ti's final words.

Joe: "Hello. My Name Is Inigo Montoya. You killed my hamster."
Todd: "Father."
Snob: "That's not even a person!!"

"It's still better than Furry Vengeance."
Spoony on the commentary.

"My Name Is Inigo Montoya, motherfuckers!"
Angry Joe unleashing his MP5 on the cloaks.

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