Quotes: Stunt Casting

Burgess Meridith hologram: 'Bout damn time you activated me, you timid old bastard!
Noah: (guffawing) "RAWK! RAWK! You must go the Dagobah System, Rawk!" Sure, he's a programmer. I doubt Burgess can program an alarm clock.

As if it weren’t bad enough to have Arquette as a fluke champion, WCW actually continued the storyline, and Arquette began to defend the title against legitimate contenders, even going so far as to pin Tank Abbott. If you listened closely in this match, you could actually hear the toilet flush on Tank’s career.

...there were about 80 sets built for Dune, and it had a working crew of nearly 2,000 people. It also had Sting, whom I think just showed up in clothes he brought from home.

The peak of Bon Jovi's career was when he was decapitated in the movie U-571. The could show that scene on repeat throughout all the games at The Ralph and everyone will love it.