[[AC:[[StringTheory Trope]]]]
->''It's three weeks later, the wall is covered in pieces of paper, photographs and string, Sherlock hasn't slept for days, hasn't eaten for a week, and is running around all over the place, but he is ''getting somewhere''.''
-->--''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6225560/1/Burn_the_Heart_Out_of_You Burn the Heart Out of You]]'', a ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'' fanfiction

->''"I think we need pushpins and red string.You're supposed to put all the stuff you know on a bulletin board with pushpins, then connect them with red string. It's a must for figuring things out."''
-->--'''Charlie Asher''', ''[[Creator/ChristopherMoore Secondhand Souls]]''

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