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Quotes: Straw Feminist
Just then, a feminist jumps out of a manhole - oh, and she didn't like that.
Bill Bailey

"Seems like equality for women has ended up meaning inequality for men."
from a Luann strip

"It's the media, man, the goddamn brainwashing mainstream feminist fascist media."
Kenji, Katawa Shoujo

"The condescension with which Sarah Jane is treated is just about ameliorated by how well and quickly Lis Sladen gets her teeth into the role, leaving a well-paced and at times very funny Robert Holmes script. If you ignore Sarah and look at everything going on around her you have a classic of the era. Unfortunately, the condescending glee the script treats the idea of a feminist trying to stand up to the middle ages is there, and it just hurts."
Phil Sandifer on Doctor Who, "The Time Warrior"

"One of criticisms for this movie is the portrayal of women; mainly Amanda. No longer are the women in (Woody) Allen’s movies just slightly neurotic or finnicky but now straight up evil harpies... in the past Allen was much more able to take as well as he gave. In Annie Hall, Annie may have issues, but Alvy was just as bad if not worse. In Anything Else, Amanda is evil and Jerry is as innocent as an angel."
Miles Antwiler on Anything Else (2003)

"Hanna Rosin's newly-released The End of Men (based on a column from The Atlantic with the same name) argues that, basically, Spice World was one of the more prescient films of the last fifty, unable to do any damn thing right, are regressing to a sort of stunted Daniel Tosh-esque be-hoodied boy manhood. Soon they will be kept on ranches and farmed for their sperm while the women of the matriarchy hold high minded debates about whether it's okay to require that men taken for walks off of preapproved government Man Reserves should be leashed, or if that's inhumane."
Erin Gloria Ryan, Jezebel

"Jesus H. Christ, I feel like I’m on a goddamn merry-go-round here. Once again, feminism DOES NOT mean you don’t love men; feminism means you believe women are equal to men. Period. The End. Someone check to see if Shay-Lean is awake and is writing all this down, because she’s going to need to remember it for the next time wants to explain Feminism as ‘raising women to power to take men away from the power’. And I know I just typed what she said word-for-word, but it still sounded like Engrish."
DListed, "And Now For Shay-Lean Woodley’s Super-Smart Thoughts On Feminism"

"Maureen Dowd has only ever remained employed so that the sexist bastards who own the New York He-Man Woman-Hater’s Newsletter can point to her and go 'gosh, aren’t women and feminists dumb and selfish and evil she-beasts who try and steal your alimony, you hear that Cheryl, I’ll get my kids back, you’ll see!'

And despite how mind-numbingly awful she is when trying to handle anything related to gender politics, Dowd always manages to find exciting new lows whenever she turns her syphilis-riddled mind to politics. Endless parades of poorly sublimated daddy issues, deep grudges based on imaginary slights, and just pure concentrated stupid on the level to make one weep for one’s gender....Jonathan Swift she ain't."

Sadly, No!

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