Quotes: Straw Character

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    Anime and Manga 

Protester's placard in Dominion Tank Police

    Video Games 

"I'll remind people that I have a great haircut, and under my stewardship Vice City has had, on average, 15% better weather than before, while crime rates only go up if you don't turn the graph upside down. Turn it upside down, and they have halvedHalved!—under me, Alex Shrub. Vote Shrub for president and you'll have a friendly face in the White House. A man you can trust. A local man who likes golf, and laughing, and photo opportunities at your store or place of business. Just send me a letter. I'll send you an automated, photocopied response."
Congressman Alex Shrub, Pressing Issues (GTA Radio)


Big Oil (thought bubble): If I let this guy stop the weather, people will stop dying. But oil is made of dead things. That means less oil.
Big Oil (aloud): beat it, hippie!
Chainsaw Suit, "Disastorm" the movie arc.

    Web Original 

"He also served as the inspiration for a superhero, something few other pundits/convicted felons can claim. Unfortunately, that superhero, Edward "The Comedian" Blake from Alan Moore's Watchmen, was a sociopathic murderer, but it probably looks good on a résumé anyway."
Rational Wiki on G. Gordon Liddy

Chris: Their plan is to make the Daily Planet into a sensationalist tabloid that’ll bring in the money by pushing the world closer to the brink of nuclear war. I’m not kidding: This is actually Warfield’s business model.
David: I’d love to be at the story conference where they named him. “Well, he sees, like, the world as a field for war, right? War... field...

"Asuka really plays up the 'Ugly foreigner' aspect of her existence. Whining about how her room's too small, moaning about this and that... while Misato just chimes in 'The Japanese way is about being considerate of others'. I always thought the Japanese way was 'Don't shame your ancestors by getting caught looking as tentacle sex during your seven minute lunch break'."

"I'm not even going to pick up particularly on Tat Wood's suggestion that Ettis is intended as an analogue for Arthur Scargill, then effectively the second in command in the miners' union....In any case, if Wood is correct about this equivalence, the decision to have Ettis go mad and try to blow everyone up has to be ranked as the crassest political moment in Doctor Who since the pacifists all had to wear dresses."

    Web Video 

"My God! You'd be less subtle if you spray-painted 'I hate Bush' on your chest and went in front of the White House naked!"

"I think Michael Moore is stupid! I think Bush is the best president! He is the best president because he has a dog!"
Chip Cheezum, mocking Micheal Weiss during his Micheal Weiss Show MST/Retsuflash

    Western Animation 

"Oh my God! The dead have risen and they're voting Republican!"
Bart Simpson, in "Sideshow Bob Roberts," on finding the tomb of a "registered voter" who died in 1909

    real life 

"Yes, the olden days Spanos were slave traders. Hoo boy. Jessie's white liberal guilt is something else, and she spends the episode literally begging Lisa to release “those centuries of repressed anger” on her by letting her buy Lisa's lunch, or carry her to the mall on her back like Master Blaster from Mad Max III."
Stuart Millard on Saved by the Bell, So Excited, So Scared

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