->[[{{Narm}} It's almost comical]] how all this is played out. These characters are so flat and uninteresting--and Lucas doesn't seem to know how to write dialog between two ''real'' people (''"I wish that I could just [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment wish away my feelings!]]"'')--that we basically have to be ''told'' that they're in love. We can't actually experience it or feel it, because I suspect he doesn't know how to convey it! "They're both attractive people and smile a lot. They're in love!" "They rode in on a [[AC:space]] gondala, just like in Venice, the most romantic city on earth. They're in love!" There's no substance to any of this.
-->--'''[[WebVideo/RedLetterMedia Mr. Plinkett]]''' on ''Film/AttackOfTheClones''

->How to put this? I have nothing against Scotty. And I have nothing against Uhura. But I do have a problem with Scotty, um, [[BrainBleach against Uhura]], if you follow me.
-->--'''''Website/TheAgonyBooth''''', ''Film/StarTrekVTheFinalFrontier''

->Spare me the tedium of pretending that Seven has been holding a candle for Chakotay for some time. Not only does the suggestion denigrate her character to the nth degree because he is such a [[TheGenericGuy vacuous bore]] that anybody who fell in love with him would automatically lose any respect, but there has never been an inkling that this might be the case and the lack of chemistry between Beltran and Ryan is painful and obvious. It feels like the writers trying to shoehorn in a new relationship [[PairTheSpares at the last minute]]...at least romantic flutterings between Chakotay and Janeway would have foundations...
-->--'''[[http://docohobigfinish.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/voyager-season-seven.html Joe Ford]]''' on ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'', "Human Error"

->So, that's it, huh? We're supposed to believe Archer is acting like an unmitigated jackass because... [[YouNeedToGetLaid he's got the hots for T'Pol?]]\\\
Was it really worth destroying this character to set up a silly "sexual tension" angle that ultimately went nowhere? I mean, from day one, Blalock and Bakula plainly had no onscreen chemistry, romantic or otherwise. So to anyone watching this show from the beginning, this development is completely random. It only serves as further proof that Berman and Braga never had long term plans for their characters. They were probably going to pair off T'Pol with every guy on the ship, [[ReallyGetsAround and this was just Archer's turn.]]\\\
The thing is, for most of the first season, T'Pol was a symbol of everything Archer hated. He blamed the Vulcans for "holding back" the technological progress of humans, and T'Pol was kind of forced on him, so he spent most of the first season hating her. And now we're supposed to believe all of that was really sexual tension? Congratulations, guys. Not only have you destroyed the character, but [[CharacterDerailment you've made him retroactively look like a total boob]] in episodes that aired long before this one.
-->--'''''Website/TheAgonyBooth''''' on ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'', "A Night in Sickbay"

->Hey, remember back when {{Wrestling/Fandango}} was THE hot act in the company for, oh, three weeks? When fans sang his theme song…one that has NO WORDS? Those days being long gone, the plan was to have two hot women feud over him. WWE once again showed their ability to make everyone not care about said honeys and also kill an act folks actually, you know, liked.
-->--'''''Website/{{Wrestlecrap}}''''', [[http://www.wrestlecrap.com/inductions/gooker-award-voting-what-was-the-worst-of-the-worst-in-2014/ "And Your 2014 Gooker Winner Is…"]]

->Lex and Lana are now apparently somehow in a relationship. Where this came from, I don't know... What does a BILLIONARE who's bedded [[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0891275/ Helen Bryce]], [[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0020739/ the teacher from "Heat"]], and [[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0111639/ Kelly Brook]] want to do with [[UnequalPairing an egocentric, petulant, immature girl-woman who's 7 years his junior]], always calling him out for things he hasn't done, and blames him for her kissing him? ...[[MonsterOfTheWeek Goonie of the week shows up]], chokes Lex into unconsciousness. Lana shows up, stops him from killing Lex. What's funny, if you watch it, is that while Lex chokes to death, Lana STANDS there and WATCHES him choke for a full 8 seconds before doing anything. The man is unarmed. She fails to use [[WaifFu her kung fu.]]\\\
Great girlfriend. I'll take two.
-->--'''Neal Bailey''' [[http://www.supermanhomepage.com/tv/tv.php?topic=reviews/smallville5-ep20 on]] ''{{Series/Smallville}}'' ("Fade")

->There’s a sexual aspect to [[{{ComicBook/XMen}} Rogue’s]] powers that’s one of the more enduring metaphors for growing up in the ''X-Men'' franchise, in that they manifest when she gets her first kiss, [[CantHaveSexEver putting her boyfriend into a coma.]] It’s the comic book literalization of the fact that sex can be dangerous, and it’s the driving force at the core of her character... And yet, here it is, not only happening off-panel, but [[CListFodder happening with The Sentry]], for the sole purpose of giving the X-Men a reason to [[RedSkiesCrossover show up at his funeral]]. There’s no other point to it. She’s a prop. And even worse, she’s a prop used in service to another prop.
-->--'''Chris Sims''', [[http://comicsalliance.com/worst-comic-books-2010/ on]] ''ComicBook/TheSentry: Fallen Sun''