-> Ted, let me explain Revenue: it's like your embezzlement, but it's directed at customers.
-->-- '''ComicStrip/{{Dilbert}}'''

-> ''It's my way or the highway this Christmas at my bar.\\
I'll have to smash your kneecaps if you bastards touch my car!\\
I got the word that Santa has been stealing from the till,\\
I think that that right jolly old elf better make out his will!''
-->-- '''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000''', ''Let's Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas''

->'''Leo:''' Just do what I do and steal money from the register when the boss ain't looking.
->'''Hyde:''' Again, Leo, you are the boss.
->'''Leo:''' And I'm not looking.
-->-- '''Series/That70sShow''', ''Uncomfortable Ball Stuff''