Quotes / Start X to Stop X

"[Fredric] Wertham hated Superman because he said that Superman promoted fascism...What followed the hearings, though, was all manner of small-town yahoos trying to fine local business owners for selling comics, various local organizations across the country in charge of their town’s Hysteria Over Hypothetical Threats to Children organizations trying to ban comics and persecute those who worked on them, and bills to censor various comics in various nonsensical ways getting pushed through different levels of State and local government throughout the country. There was also a prolonged series of actual book burnings in which thousands of comics were destroyed. What’s amazing is that people like Wertham don’t see that censorship and book burnings might not be the most effective reply to fascism, of all things."

"So that's the Republican's plan: to fight socialism, we must become communists."
Jon Stewart, The Daily Show