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Quotes: Stage Mom
"By what we're sure is a total coincidence, Jackie Coogan is the namesake of the Coogan Act, which safeguards the financial earnings and other rights of child actors and came about after an adult Coogan sued his mother and stepfather for squandering all of his money. So Jackie's family wasn't merely terrible — they were groundbreakingly terrible."
Cracked on the making of The Kid (1921)

"Using your children as proxies for fulfillment of dreams you never realized yourself is an excellent parenting technique endorsed by both Dina and Michael Lohan."
Erin Gloria Ryan, Jezebel

"Angelo pretty much split shortly after she was born, and only resurfaced once she got famous (ah, classic Hollywood cockroach parenting). Then he kind of split again after she wouldn’t let him hump on her bank account, and was estranged from her for the last 8 years of her life. But that hasn’t stopped him from using the name @BrittMurphyDad on Twitter or re-launching investigations into her death and running to the press. But Angelo is so shook-up at the idea that anyone would exploit Britney’s death for profits! Well, you know, besides him...the second Angelo heard that Lifetime had made an biopic about his daughter, he immediately called up his lawyer (who I’m guessing is probably Saul Goodman) because he wants to make sure he sees a cut of the profits."
DListed, "Brittany Murphy’s Deadbeat Dad Plans To Sue Lifetime For Making A Movie About His Daughter"

"Sing out, Louise!"
Rose, Gypsy

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