Quotes / Spikes of Villainy

Mike: You're Daemon aren't you?
Daemon: Yes. Were you expecting something else?
Mike: Well... Yeah. Where are spikes? The fangs? The claws? You're a bit small for a super virus aren't you? [Daemon giggles and infects Mike]

"My spiked shoulder plates are no match for his blade festooned finery!"

"You need to make yourself look more evil, Mort. More horns?"
Antimony, Gunnerkrigg Court

"Talk about sharp."
Kin, when she sees Utrom Shredder in Teenage Jinchuriki Shinobi

Carrier Tank: You did not move for the entire game. Yet my memory banks show no record of a disabling hit.
Chaos Land Raider: True enough, pathetic tool. To move me, one would have to pick me up. Would you?

"Marius Vairosean had embellished his armour with jagged iron spikes."