Quotes / Spell My Name with an "S"

I say we need to stay vigilant here. Gaddafi with a G may be gone, but we still have not captured Qadaffi, Kaddafi, Gathafi, and Chanukkah.

Her name is Rhoda, not Rhonda! There is no "n"! For that matter, it's Magus, not Magnus! What's with these added n's I keep seeing when people talk about these characters?! There's no "n" in either name! GAAAAAAH!
— About this El Goonish Shive comic

Trunks: So, you must be "Fry-za".
Freeza: Actually, it's "Lord Freeza".
Trunks: Really? Then why is there an I in it?
Freeza: There isn't.

Barret: Yeah, she does [have a name]! And it's Aeris!
Cloud: "Aerith".
Barret: Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

Ava: Well, Carly, don't be so obtuse!
Karli: My name is spelt with a K and an i. (...)