Quotes / Spared by the Adaptation

"Pssh, yeah, like I'm gonna die in a place like that!"
Lt. Virgil, Xenosaga: The Animation

Letís not forget a surefire sign of Hollywood asshattery: the main character who is supposed to die lives. Thatís right, Jean Valjean lives at the end of the movie.

Avril: I was so shocked when Mallory gets killed, I started crying. And I was all alone in bed, can you believe that? I mean, she was only what, at the most? Twenty-one?
Stine: Ah, well, the good die young. The naughty, even younger.
Avril: Mr. Fidler said it was going to be different in the movie. He said Mallory was going to be in it right up to the end.

Hans, I surely would've survived by Disney! Your Ariel.

Anthony: Hey! According to the "Boheme" libretto, you're not supposed to come back! You're supposed to be dead!
Daphne: Yeah, but...
All (singing): This ain't Boheme!
Forbidden Broadway, parody of RENT

Jaune: Hey, guys! Check out what we found!
Pyrrha: Hello again~!
RWBY Chibi, episode 6