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Quotes: Spaceis Noisy
I'm on the bridge with my boyz, motherfucker
The ship engines make noise, motherfucker

Narrator: Note to sci-fi purists: The sound effect in this panel was provided from the perspective of the F'sherl-ganni aboard the habitat Petey used as a shield, rather than from the perspective of the reader. No email, please.

"Note that the sound-effect is depicted as it was heard on the inside. Sound does not propagate well in space. We all know that, right?"
the narrator, Schlock Mercenary 04/18/2005

Yes, you can hear "boom!" in space. It's in Star Wars. Star Wars.

"Why should they be afraid that people outside the ship are going to hear them? Sound doesn't carry in a vacuum! They could have Slayer performing in the galley while shoving a cat in a garbage disposal AND NOBODY OUTSIDE THE SHIP WOULD HEAR ANYTHING!"
The Spoony One on the Wing Commander movie

"The Kilrathi bomb the station in their very loud spacecraft."

"Wow it sure is quiet out there! I thought space was full of opera singers."

"George Lucas was once told there were no sounds in airless space. He didn't believe it. Today, George Lucas is a millionaire."
Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer, Keith Giffen and Robert Loren Fleming

"What I wouldn't give for the maddening silence of space right about now."

Helen: "For heaven's sake, Dave, sound doesn't travel in the vacuum of space! Call back when you're in an atmosphere and stop running up the bill."
Dave: "_____."

"NOTE: Sound does not travel in a vacuum. All sound effects are produced by the cartoonist while drawing."

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