Quotes / Soul Jar

"I couldn't ask you to fight witches with a fragile body just like a normal person's. A Magical Girl's old body is nothing more than a piece of hardware. Your actual soul is kept in a much safe, compact form that is capable of controlling magic much more efficiently. It's part of my job, when I complete a Magical Girl contract, I removed your souls and changed them into Soul Gems."

Flemeth: So refreshing to see someone who keeps their end of a bargain. I half expected my amulet to end up in a merchant's pocket.
Hawke: No-one wanted to buy it. Maybe because it had a witch inside?
Flemeth: Just a piece. A small piece, but it was all I needed. A bit of security, should the inevitable occur - and if I know my Morrigan, it already has...

Atop a small wooden table he laid out a blue cloth embroidered with the Star of Chaos and the Eye of Tzeentch, and then set down the canopic jars that held the dust of his undying guardians.

The darkness in the land was far older than the empire: since before remembered time, the lands had housed a great demon - a twisted, maddened entity known as Kupala. This abominable thing rested within the deepest caverns of the Carpathian Mountains; removing his black, gangrenous heart so that he could not be slain by anyone who did not posses it, he entombed it in the lightless depths beneath the forested Carpathian foothills.
Vampire: The Dark Ages - Transylvania By Night