Quotes / Sorcerous Overlord

Cassana and ol' Zrie Prakis sat on thrones. Mages who sit on thrones always mean trouble, Olive-girl. They take themselves too seriously.
Olive, Wyvern's Spur (Finder's Stone Trilogy)

And finally, high in Loathly Tower, my last brother - Ommadon, the Red Wizard. He is the lord of the Devil's domain, the seducer of darkness, master of that heartless magic the world calls black. Astride the terrible Bryagh he is the absolute ruler of that inferno-like mass of primordial filth that is his domain.
Carolinus the Green Wizard, describing his evil brother Ommadon, The Flight of Dragons

Magic's there to be ruled, not for ruling.
Granny Weatherwax, Wyrd Sisters