Quotes / So Last Season

"No. No. NO! Ugh. This is so last season."
Queer Eye for the Trek Guy (in their sketch (video)

Piccolo: Don't think you have the upper hand yet. I'm still wearing weighted armour!
Freeza: Weighted armour? How quaint. And how much does it weigh?
Piccolo: Same as it always does: one hundred kilo-
Freeza grins
Piccolo: ...Oh.
Freeza: That's just cute!
Piccolo: That concept just sort of lost meaning after a while, didn't it?
Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Episode 26

"The world is changing. Moving in accordance with the madness. These magic arrows of yours are an obsolete attack from an obsolete age. I don't even need to avoid them."
Justin Law, Soul Eater

Twilight Sparkle: So? Why don't you and Princess Cadance just blast [Sombra] away with the Power of Love like you did with Queen Chrysalis?
Shining Armor: But according to the laws of arbitrariness, that won't work this time!
Ultra Fast Pony, "The Longest Recap"

"Let's see, who's telepathy-resistant? Pretty much everyone. No offense, but what's the point? I remember back in the day Professor X could just win any fight by showing up. Now, it's like everyone's got a helmet or armor or some kind of psychic defenses or—"
Iceman, Amazing X-Men #16