Quotes: Smoking Hot Sex

I only smoke cigarettes after making love. So back in England I'm a 20-a-day man.
Captain Edmund Blackadder

If you smoke after sex, it probably means you're doing it too fast
Bumper sticker

Tom Servo: WOW, she really WAS on top of Ol' Smokey!
Crow: [as Smokey the Bear] Only you can prevent crotch fires.

"I just acted so heterosexual that I needed something phallic in my mouth to even things out."
Stan Smith, American Dad!, "Poltergasm"

"Why is it such a cliché to smoke a cigarette after love-making?" Hera asked.
"I suppose for those of us who enjoy smoking, it adds punctuation to the statement," Bond said.
"Make it an exclamation mark, then," she said.