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Quotes: Slap-Slap-Kiss
"And how could you think it was okay to just leave like that?! Because it was NOT!! Agh! Abandon me again and it will not be pretty! Now... get over here, you big lug. I'm not really mad, I just missed you."
Courtney, Total Drama World Tour

Vala: Ow! Ohh, you hit me!
Daniel: You hit me.
Vala: Yeah... you know, we could just have sex instead.
Stargate SG-1, "Prometheus Unbound"

''Fan-dabby-dozy. Now then, Bollinger Knickers, you gonna kiss me or punch me?"

"That punch was a substitute for our marriage kiss, okay?"

Casey: I want to kill you right now!
Dana: Problem is, that's not all you want to do with me right now, is it?
Sports Night

"I think it's her way of showing me she cares. On our planet, if people like you but aren't good at showing affection, then they'll give you attention in other ways, even if it's negative attention."
Pierrot, Spacetrawler

The Chief met a friend today from long ago.
Their relationship's always tough.
With all of their babbling
And two-fisted squabbling,
You'd think they'd get married 'n stuff.
—Li'l Cactus, Sword of Mana

But sometimes don’t we have a flaming row
when little Margot turns in penniless!
I simply hate her, cannot stand the cow.
I grab her coat, her petticoat and dress
and vow I’ll trade them in for more — or less.
Arms folded, "Here’s the Anti-Christ," cries she
and swears by Jesus’ death this will not be.
At this I land her one to make her pray
some more, and on her nose some two or three —
at our little brothel, trading every day.

Then peace descends, she blows me a great fart —
no dung-beetle was ever stuffed so full.
Laughing she sits astride my private part,
"Go! Go!" she says and works me like a bull ...
Both of us drunk — we sleep out of our skull
and, waking, when her quim begins to stir
she mounts me — I mustn’t miss a taste of her!
I groan beneath her, flattened like the hay.
Her shagging’ll be the death of me, I swear,
at our little brothel, trading every day.
François Villon, Ballad of the Fat Margot

Astrid: (punches Hiccup on the arm) That was for kidnapping me. (kisses him on the cheek) That was for everything else.
(later, when he recovers from the final battle with the Green Death)
Astrid: (punches Hiccup) That was for scaring me.
Hiccup: Oh wha- wait, what, is it always going to be this way? 'Cause...(Astrid grabs him and kisses him deeply)...I could get used to it.

Saito: "Why would anyone want to serve under the flat chested Louise the Zero?"
Louise: "Then why don't you just leave then!?"
Bulma: Don't you call me stupid!
Vegeta: Okay, then how about bitch!
Bulma: Arrogant dick!
Vegeta: Spoiled sow!
Bulma: Fuck you!
Vegeta: Fuck you!
Bulma: Fuck you!
Vegeta: FUCK! YOU!
Bulma: My room, ten minutes.
Okabe: Now, you have no qualms about my generous conditions, right?
Kurisu: Generous for you, maybe. Me? I'm one banana comment away from fight or flight.
Okabe: You haven't said no, Christina.
Kurisu: That isn't my name, you nutjob.
Okabe: Oh, right, you're the zombie.
Kurisu: How would you like it, Hououin Carcinoma?
Okabe: Kyouma. Watch your tongue, banana mouth!
Daru: In the movies, this is when you two'd get biz-zay.

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