Quotes / Single-Minded Twins

They look so god-damn like the same person, I would say to them "You want ice cream cone?", both of them say yes!
Group X, "Mario Twins"

"We are getting aggravated."
"Yes, we are."
The Twins, The Matrix Reloaded

''"...who, like pretty much every twin in any form of media, is dressed exactly the same way, speaks the exact same way, and does exactly the same thing. Because no one in the media seems to know that there's a difference between twins and clones."
The Mysterious Mr. Enter, when referring to the characters Slip and Slide in a review of Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island

My twin sister and I share a very close relationship. It allows us to work fluidly, without consultation. In other words, we act as one.

George Weasley: Well, now—
Fred Weasley: —what with Dumbledore gone—
George Weasley: —we reckon a bit of mayhem—
Fred Weasley: —is exactly what our dear new Head deserves.