Quotes / Sidequest

"B.M., it's almost like you have no understanding of adventuring at all. Without sidequests, you're not on an adventure. You're just a roaming band of thugs who bring terror and death to an otherwise innocent and peaceful world. The noble sidequest is what separates us from the monsters. Life is a sidequest! Seize the EXP!"
Red Mage, 8-Bit Theater

"Each NPC in Dragon Nest has his or her own missions and stories for you to follow. They'll usually even need your help completing them, mostly because this is a video game and you need something to keep you busy. Just help them out with whatever crazy requests they have and you'll be rewarded handsomely."

"I'm ready for a heavy dose of sidequest-ocity!"
Edge, WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2011, right before the beginning of a sidequest about building a time machine. No, really.