Quotes / "Shut Up" Kiss

Robin: Maybe a hero isn't all that I am. Maybe I could be... Maybe we could be...
Starfire: Robin?
Robin: Starfire?
Starfire: Stop talking.

This love-hate relationship
You say you can’t handle it
But there’s no way to stop this now
So shut up and kiss me.
Orianthi, "Shut Up And Kiss Me"

Damn it, Ramona! This is probably all a dream, so why waste time talking about it? I FORGIVE you already! Let's make out!

"You talk too much."

"No. Really. Shut. Up."
Vivian, to her girlfriend Aster right before kissing her, Anyone But Me, "The Things We Know"

"Stop talking and trust this."
— Adell to Rozalin from Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories when she's starting to lose herself to her memories and paranoia of her old life as Overlord Zenon.

[Talking about a boy previously suspected of having telekinetic powers while in the middle of a romantic dance]
Kate Beckett: Oh, that reminds me; I had unis sweep Lucas's house. You know what they didn't find? Wires, magnets, anything that would explain that stuff that we saw flying around.
Richard Castle: ... You don't think...
Kate Beckett: No. Now shut up and kiss me.

Asuka:“And that goes double for my lover, Shin-chan. You think you’ve got the guts to fight me, you go right ahead and try. By all means, push back. Now shut up and kiss me.”
A Crown of Stars, chapter 50

“Shut up stupid and kiss me again. You need practice.”
Asuka to Shinji, Thousand Shinji

Astrid (punching Hiccup lightly in the arm): That's for scaring me.
Hiccup: Oh wha- wait, what, is it always going to be this way? 'Cause...(Astrid grabs him by the vest and kisses him hard)...I could get used to it.

"I'm so sorry, Asuka-chan! OW! Really! I'm sorry!"
Asuka sighed and stopped smacking him. "Shut up and kiss me before I change my mind." she grabbed him by his shirt and hauled him in before he knew what was happening.
Higher Learning, chapter 15