->''God shuffled His feet\\
And glanced around\\
At them\\
The people cleared their throats\\
And stared right back\\
At Him''
-->-- '''CrashTestDummies'', "God Shuffled His Feet"

->I don't know what it's about. I'm just the drummer. Ask [[Music/PeterGabriel Peter]].
-->-- '''Music/PhilCollins''', when asked about the meaning of Music/{{Genesis}}' ConceptAlbum ''Music/TheLambLiesDownOnBroadway''

->''If youíve made it through this epic mess, I donít know whether to commend you, or call you a sucker. But I do know this: If youíve skipped to the end, please, pleaseÖ just [[{{Series/Lost}} go back. Go back]]. (Others will know what that means.)''
-->-- '''''[[http://www.philipsandifer.com/2013/11/pop-between-realities-home-in-time-for_27.html TARDIS Eruditiorium]]'''''

->''I like the idea that the answers are not given, but imagined. You can create the answers yourself. Whatever you think probably happened, probably did, but even I'm not really sure.''
-->--'''Sharon Draper'''

->''Why do we have to come up with all the answers? People think we have all the answers. We don't. We're just the creators. We don't know what we're doing.''
-->--''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' creators cartoon

->''"The primary source of consternation plucked from that Q&A was the ďrevelationĒ that [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Gamzee]] is short.''\\
''Which was obviously a 4 THE LAFFS answer.''\\
''The real answer is''\\
''I donít give a shit about how tall anybody is."''
-->--'''AndrewHussie''', via Tumblr

->''"What will [[Literature/WarriorCats Yellowfang's Secret]] be about?"''\\
''"Yellowfang will be in it. She will have a secret. Bad things will happen."''
-->--'''[[Creator/ErinHunter Vicky Holmes]]''', answering a fan on her Facebook page

->''"[[MoneyDearBoy It means I never have to work again.]]"''
-->--'''Music/DonMcLean''', on the meaning of "American Pie"

->'' '''Q:''' Are we really supposed to believe that Zerg Warhounds are now biological units that can morph into structures?''\\
'' '''A:''' Yes! Itís all very complicated and it involves Ribosomes.''
-->-- '''VideoGame/{{Starcraft II}} [[https://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/9369236/Blizzard_Creative_Development_Warhound_QA-3_31_2013 Warhound F.A.Q.]]''' (AprilFoolsDay)

->'''Rich:''' You remember back in the day, we used to joke about calling up Harold Ramis and asking him, "If you shot a ''living'' person with a proton pack, would their soul get caught in the stream?"\\
'''Mike:''' He'd say, "lemmie alone, I'm tryin' to sleep!"
-->-- ''WebVideo/HalfInTheBag'' riffs ''Film/GhostbustersII''

->''But I don't know what this is.''
-->-- Author '''[[http://mercury-the-queen.deviantart.com/art/tonight-i-am-old-again-459563100 Mercury-the-Queen]]''', about their poem "tonight I am old again".

->''"Keith isn't imaginary, except, well, it is a video game, so itís all imaginary"''
-->-- '''Creator/GabeNewell''', on Keith from ''VideoGame/Left4Dead2''

->''Go not to the writer for advice for she will say both 'yes' and 'no' and 'wait two seconds while I come up with some proto-canonical material that I've never had reason or opportunity to mention to anybody before'.''
-->-- '''Creator/DianeDuane''' answering a question on Tumblr [[http://dduane.tumblr.com/post/143264733371/with-the-new-book-being-out-and-my-never-having]]

->''"Well, I could answer it, but that would be contrary to the spirit of storytelling that caused you to write this post in the first place!"''
-->-- '''Matthew Colville''', in response to a fan thread about the monster's origins, ''VideoGame/{{Evolve}}''
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