Quotes / Shower of Love

"Bill... turn on the warm water."
Lili, Darling Lili

Kath: We have, haven’t we? Even if we have to fake the seawater thing every now and then.
Alan: Wouldn’t do to let the bad guys know we can take baths in it. Or that, sometimes, we shower in it.
Kath: (giggling) Wouldn’t the peejays have a field day with that! Maybe we could convince them that seawater showers are kinky.
Alan: The Atlanteans have known that for centuries.

Ella: That's why great ideas come in the shower.
Lucifer: For me it's usually women.

Afterward, lying beside him, she stroked his hair and said, "You're coming back with me."
"Will not."
"Bet you I can convince you."
"I shudder to ask how, Kara. So... how, Kara?"
She leaned closer and whispered in his ear, "The showers in these rooms are marvelous, Dev. Really, they are." She kissed his ear.
By the time they used the heattowels to get the last of the water off, she looked at him and said, "Well?"
He sighed. "All right, Kara. One week."

She had him pinned against the wall of the shower stall. He looked down in to her glittering, passion-filled eyes. The shower spray and her hands were all over him. Suddenly, she wrapped her legs around his waist. He ran his hands through her wild red hair, then leaned forward to kiss her.