Quotes / Showa & Vampire

"People wear masks to conceal their true nature. That's what I do all of the time before I transform. Like Youkai, I transform not to conceal my identity, but to reveal who I really am. To expose my true nature; a killing machine."
Shinichi Banabara (Season 1, chapter 50)

"I'm a Succubus, but I've never fallen in love before I met Shinichi. My mom told me that when I met my Destined One, I would know. I sense it whenever I'm around him and he knows it too. He returns my feelings and isn't just attracted to me because of my looks. He's one of the few guys who could look me in the eye and not break eye contact to look at my boobs, which I admit are eye catching. He was a mystery to me. Who reacts with pain from my Charm? Nobody. But then I learnt about what he'd been through. I could've never imagined. He was a slave to those people and I was about to do the same to him. I was so ashamed. What I can do now is to give him a happy future."
Kurumu Kurono talking about Shinichi (Season 1, chapter 59)

"The first time I actually met him was the day I got the newspaper in person. I was interested in him before we even met. The articles he wrote as I read the newspapers that Nekonome-sensei brought to me were written by someone who knew what it was like to be alone, to be an outcast. I tried to freeze him, which was a bad idea, since he had escaped from being a prisoner before and did not want to experience it again. When I met him though, he wasn't alone, but then I looked into his eyes and saw deep sadness. I'm pretty observant so I can tell that someone's feeling sad even when they try to conceal it with a fake smile. Oh, I know his smiles are genuine, but it never seems to reach his eyes. I didn't know why then, but as I got to know him and discovered his past, I finally understood. Those sad eyes were of someone who had many regrets in life."
Mizore Shirayuki talking about Shinichi (Season 1, chapter 60).

"Shinichi is my first and best friend in the whole world. When he told me he was human, I was shocked but I didn't care. I cared that I was losing a friend because I told him I hated humans. He still came back to save me and I learnt that he isn't exactly human. Shinichi's a cyborg, but not because he was in an accident and had his body rebuilt with machines. Horrible people took him from his home, his family and his friends, and remodeled him to create a killing machine. They even went so far as to make him kill his comrades and the girl he was in love with. I think I can understand how horrible that must be for him. When I first met him, he didn't seem to have a care in the world, except for his missing memories, but now the memories are coming back and not all of them are good. There is just so much pain in his heart, so much guilt and regret, that I just can't help but pity him. I've never known someone who's experienced such pain. All I can do is be there for him, and remind him that there are others around him who can shoulder his burden with him."
Outer Moka talking about Shinichi (Season 1, chapter 61)

"I love Moka-chan, Kurumu-chan, Mizore-chan and Yukari-chan, and that scares me. I keep hurting the people I care about. I killed my team, I killed Lina, and I cared about them so much, that it hurts me when I think about what I did to them. Hurting them hurts me. That's pretty much why I hate myself. I keep causing the people I love pain and I feel pain too. It's weird; I don't feel any pain from killing my enemies, but the thought of hurting my friends and family terrifies me. It terrifies me a lot. I think that while I hate myself, I'm terrified of myself as well. That's why I broke my bathroom mirror with my fist. I couldn't stand looking at the face looking back."
Shinichi Banabara (Season 1, chapter 62)

"I didn't think I needed any friends if people were just too stupid to understand me. But then I learnt about Moka Akashiya, and how beautiful and wonderful she was. The problem was that she hung out with Shinichi who I had no idea about besides what I heard about him. I didn't think he could understand my loneliness, but he did, more than I could imagine. I mean, I at least have my parents but when he told me he didn't remember his, I was so sad. And I was trying to take his friend away from him. I'm supposed to be smart and I tried to do something so stupid. He understands me because he's kinda like a border being; half-machine, and half-human, and so sad too. His eyes are just so sad. He doesn't like talking about it. He's not that willing to talk about his past, but we all know it was horrible. I was told that humans were dangerous, but these GIN-SHOCKER guys were way worse than any human. They willingly turned themselves and others into monsters. They even turned Shunichi-san into a weapon. He was just a kid too! Now, he's fighting. He's fighting non-stop and I'm afraid that he'll break down because of it. Why did such horrible things have to happen to someone so wonderful?"
Yukari Sendo talking about Shinichi (Season 1, chapter 63)

"Humans can be absolutely cruel and merciless, even to their peers. My time in school in the human world taught me that much. However, there existed humans crueler than the ones I went to school with. GIN-SHOCKER, an organization made up of humans who made themselves and others into monsters, some against their will. Shinichi Banabara was one of GIN-SHOCKER's victims. At first he admitted to being human and then he transformed. I learnt that he is a cyborg, a human whose body had been remodelled with his body implanted with machines. He had no memories. But as time went on, we all learnt of his past. We learnt of the horrors he had endured for ten years. I doubt anything I had ever experienced could compare to that. Yet, despite all that, he can still be so kind. I may respect strength, but Shinichi's more than that. In spite of what has happened to him, he refuses to become a monster. What impresses me is the strength of his spirit."
Inner Moka talking about Shinichi (Season 1, chapter 64)

"Back when we were both younger, Qiao and I used to be told some stories of terrorists way back then. There was one organization called the Individual Eleven, who were responsible for a string of violent attacks on Japanese citizens and attempted to assassinate the first female Prime Minister of Japan. There were also hackers who called themselves the Puppet Master and the Laughing Man, who also caused trouble for Section 9. But none of them, none of them could match a candle to everything GIN-SHOCKER did. These guys have been around for who knows how long, and they not exactly what they're doing. And there even using kids to do all the dirty work for them. There has to be some way to stop these sickos, but what? How can we stop an organization that's been around for centuries? I wish you were still here mom and dad. You'd both know what to do..."
Netto Kusanagi (Season 1, chapter 65)

"When I first met Shinichi, he was just another customer asking for a custom bike who later became a friend of mine. Because he revealed himself to be a Kamen Rider, I did the same, a decision I never regretted, although Shin keeps telling me that I shouldn't have turned myself into a target for GIN-SHOCKER. Well, I'm actually glad for it. Wouldn't have met Hana, Misato or Michiru otherwise. Then I learnt from Bianca that Shin was my cousin and that Shiori Banabara, my idol, was my aunt. I was excited, and happy! Since they are members of my family, I will do everything in my power to protect them."
Yuji Fudo (Season 1, chapter 66)

"We at this moment head into the decisive battle. Have faith that our blades will not shatter. Have faith that our hearts will not waver. And even if our paths should diverge, we all share a heart of iron. Swear that even if the ground beneath us should be rent asunder we will live and return to this place again."
Leon Smith, setting the stage (Season 1, chapter 67).

""Hey guys, do you know why we're here? It's to have a second chance in life. To live like ordinary kids in a school for monsters. Alright, I know that sounds backwards, but GIN-SHOCKER took us from our lives and forced into a world of terrorism and military shit. And now they think they still own us? I say hell no to that! So, are we just gonna let GS take our friends away? Hell no!"
Yokoshima Ryunosuke Magi, setting the stage (Season 1 epilogue).