Quotes: She Is All Grown Up

Elliot: Wait, she's your sister?
Sarah: You met her before, years ago.
Elliot: Oh yeah. She's, uh...grown.
Friend #1: Do you remember when we were little and I used to show the neighbor's boys my boobs so they'd give me candy? Bet you're glad I stopped doing that!
Friend #2: What are you talking about? The only thing that's changed is your form of payment! You just finished telling everyone not two minutes ago how last week you won $200 on amateur's night when you went to the strip club with the guys!
Overheard Everywhere

Don: Well, look at you... you've turned... into a woman...
Abby: Well, it would be weird if I turned into a man(!)
How Not To Live Your Life

Well, I used to pull your pigtails
And pinch your turned-up nose
But you been a growin
And baby, it's been showin
From your head down to your toes
Elvis Presley, "Little sister"

So, um... what do you think, do I seem more like a woman to you now?
Sakura, Naruto

Lyndsey (hugging Jake): Wow, you've grown so much!
Then ten or twelve years later on,
She grew up overnight;
Her legs got long and slender and
Her blouse got awful tight.
But when I asked her if she'd like
To visit me next door,
She only answered: "You're too late
'Cause now I know what for."
Ronnie Barker, "The Muck About Song"

"Skinny little Nancy Callaghan. She grew up. She filled out."
Hartigan, "Sin City: That Yellow Bastard"

"Would you have recognized her? That scrawny kid who'd run away when she saw us, her knees painted with Mercurochrome. How do you like those legs now? Aren't they something?"
David, Sabrina

"You have grown beautiful, Elizabeth."
Richard III, The White Queen

"First time I saw you, you were just a child. Girl from the North come to the capital for the first time. You're not a child any longer."
Petyr Baelish to Sansa Stark, Game of Thrones