Quotes: Share the Male Pain

Actor: All the males in the audience just went oooooh!
—The Smoking Gun Presents:Worlds Dumbest Daredevils.

Channing Tatum (or Carol O’Neal as I like to call him) now knows how every man who fucks Parasite Hilton without wrapping their penis in kryptonite first feels...His dick was burned by a pot of boiling water. When a penis burns, my no-no sheds a tear.

"Shinji winced when a sudden kick caught the woman Seldon was fighting full in the breast, sending her coughing on the dusty ground, and then grunted with a ghost pain that every man feels as he witnessed Seldon get kicked, punched, and poked rather harshly in his own sensitive area."
Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic Of a Pilot