Quotes / Shaming the Mob

Jesus: (at crowd who have gathered to stone Mary Magdalene) "Let he, who is without sin, cast the first stone."
(the mob drops their stones and quietly disperses in shame)

Scout: I said, 'Hey,' Mr. Cunningham. How's your entailment getting along? Don't you remember me, Mr. Cunningham? I'm Jean Louise Finch. You brought us some hickory nuts one early morning, remember? We had a talk. I went and got my daddy to come out and thank you. I go to school with your boy. I go to school with Walter; he's a nice boy. Tell him 'hey' for me, won't you? You know something, Mr. Cunningham, entailments are bad. Entailments... Atticus, I was just saying to Mr. Cunningham that entailments were bad but not to worry. Takes a long time sometimes... What's the matter? I sure meant no harm, Mr. Cunningham.

Kleya: Shut up. You. are. all. Pathetic. Coming to a singing gig to see a Game Special? Do none of you have brains? This is Mina's gig, not mine, and she sings. If you can't like that, then get out.

Dot Pixis: Titans are terrible creatures, and once someone gives in to that fear, they can never fight one again! Those of you who have already experienced that dread are free to go away! FINALLY! Those of you would let their parents, siblings and loved ones to experience such terror for themselves ... are all free to walk away!

"[to the crowd chanting "Bart sucks!"] YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED! Passing judgement on a child for a sports boo-boo! ... Now thanks to you, my special little guy will be haunted by this for the rest of his life! All this time, I thought that [billboard] was just a slogan to attract small businesses. [points to a billboard reading "Springfield: Meanest City in America"] But now I know it's the truth!"
Marge Simpson to the crowd in The Simpsons: Boys Of Bummer

"Shut your fuckin' holes! Which one of you fucks just said, 'What's one more?' Huh?! Was it you?! You?! You sit there chantin' 'Kill, kill, kill!!' But how many of you ever killed a man before? Huh?! Lemme fill you fuckin' hyenas in on something. Killin' a man is like... It's like... It's fucking terrifying! I still get nightmares of that day. Every fuckin' night, I see those eighteen guys. My fists bashin' their heads. Sound of crushin' bone. Screams. The fear on their dead faces... It's like it happened yesterday. Shit, I know I scarred their families for life. I feel awful. But that... the remorse is nothing compared to the real horror! Once ya kill someone, you can never escape the horror of what you done! I gotta relive that bloodbath every day! You have any idea what that's like?!"
Taiga Saejima, Yakuza 4

Brian: "You know what? Fuck you!" (...) "Look, I'm not a racist alright? I just told a bad joke. There's a huge difference! But nobody on the internet takes the time to ask themselves, "Is this worth freaking out over?" or "Are there bigger problems in the world than this tweet?" Well I assure you there are! And just for the record, I love Black People! I've watched tons of Black Porn! So what do you all want from me? Huh? D-Do you want to ruin my life? Then congratulations, you did it! Everybody hates me! I can't leave the house without getting harassed! No one will hire me!"//
Brian: "I can't turn on my phone without strangers telling me to kill myself, or that they're gonna kill my family! Leave me alone! I'm the self-righteous liberal douche bag, not you! I've kissed a transsexual before! How many of you can say that?! Where's my fucking medal?! I am so far-left, I'm spinning in circles you Cocksuckers! Instead of killing myself, I SHOULD KILL ALL OF YOU!!"
Brian Griffin, Family Guy: The D in Apartment 23