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Let's run through the list here, shall we?
For one thing, if you're wearing a damn groucho mustache, bowler hat and glasses no shit people are going to tell you're wearing a fucking disguise. Fucking amateur, secondly, if you get caught red-handed (which you did) man up, don't be a pussy about it. Thirdly, you're a fucking yellow ball why do you need a disguise in the first place? You could easily go almost anywhere undetected if you weren't wearing that damn dime store getup. You could get on a plane, Muslims can't do that no more, but you could, because you're a fucking ball! Do you get where I'm going with this? You're honestly stupid enough to not only believe that you—let me reiterate this, a fucking ballneed a disguise, but that a toy mustache and a hat is a disguise, and not only that'' you think that saying "oop, I'm not wearing a disguise" is actually going to get you out of being caught.
Fucking noob.

First you say you're here incognito, then you accuse people of accusing you of disguise?
sgrunt, why must you disappoint me?
AHR, #yackfest

MAH BOI, yoi have failed me sgrunt
Black Dove as "PonicaIica", #yackfest

You are now part of ze snowboarding corps! Shred that ice for ze motherland!
Bisected 8, Caption the Avatar Above You in response to this avatar

That was horrible. Truly you are an inspiration to us all. XD

You awful, awful man. May I be your apprentice in pungeoneering?