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Quotes: Sexbot
If a bastard takes your sexbot, that's grand larceny. If a bastard takes your girlfriend, that's a Ben Stiller movie.
— "To My Unborn Son", Cracked

"Listen doll, I believe robots exist to free humanity from the soulless grind of manual labor, to act as a faithful companion in the conquest of space, and to serve as a politically-incorrect slave substitute — not the pornographic fantasy of geeky scientifiction readers!"
"But I have been programmed with over six million pornographic fantasies," purred the sensual sexeroid, the subsonics of her voice sending erotic vibrations through Proton's nether regions. "I was created in Man's image of the ideal woman. No Servus droid may harm the male ego or, through omission of action, allow that ego to be harmed."
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

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