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Quotes: Sex Is Evil
"Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die!"
Coach Carr, Mean Girls

"I guess what they say is true... sex kills.
Junie Harper, King of the Hill

"Playboy just wants to liberate women to behave like pigs, have sex without consequences, prance about naked, and abort children.Ē
Ann Coulter, How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)

Moral Majority: The Moral Majority is supporting a Congressional Amendment against sex.
Woman: But where will babies come from?
Moral Majority: The stork.
Woman: The stork doesn't bring babies. Sex brings babies.
Moral Majority: Don't be duped by the evolutionists. Sex brings moral decay. Sex brings communism, pornography and immigrant hordes. PRAISE THE STORK!
Woman: Storkism. It's time has come.
Jules Fieffer political cartoon

"In order for a ruling class to rule, there must be arbitrary prohibitions. Of all prohibitions, sexual taboo is the most useful because sex involves everyone."

"Shatner popularized the idea of an explorer who fucks his way across the universe, a mantle later taken up by lesser Star Trek characters and thoroughly avoided by the entire useless, sexless cast of the dung pile called Star Trek: Voyager, despite its inclusion of Jeri Ryan wearing nothing but paint."

"Lois and Chloe go out to chill at Lanaís, where sheís using a KitchenAid and a granite countertop to create a modern-day apothecary. Unfortunately, her potion requires the hair of two virgins; after cutting off her own hair and putting it in, she tries to take Loisís and throws it out since, by obvious implication, Lois isnít a virgin. Iím still not sure what I think about this sequence, since itís kind of played off as 'ha ha, Lois is a slut.' And, I mean, I shouldnít be expecting complex analysis of teen sexuality on the WB, but still guys, címon."
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Spell")

"In a medium that often struggles with its perception by the general public as being nothing but juvenile fantasies for boys with no social skills, having two high-profile comics where female reproductive organs were literally used as traps isnít really helping anyone."
Comics Alliance, "The 5 Worst Comics of 2010"

Yahtzee: This is the scene that made the game so controversial, cause look: It's a cock! 4 glorious pixels of cock! An entire Tetris piece of cock!
Gabriel: "4GloriousPixelsOfCock" is my eHarmony name.
Let's Play Dreamweb

"Why aren't the Jedis allowed to love? 'Cause we're told they're not allowed to, but it's never really explained. Does anyone get, like, a creepy vibe from these movies? I guess it has somethin' to do with purging emotions to avoid being tempted by the Dark Side, right? But Obi-Wan, he smiles, he laughs, he enjoys a good sarcastic quip; sometimes he gets really, really pissed off. So love leads to the Dark Side, but gettin' fuckin' pissed doesn't? ...Amadala finally sees Anakin again and for no reason, she's not allowed to love either. What the fuuuuuuck!? She's just a senator, why can't she fuckin' date a guy? For Christ's sake! Men don't love women, Mace is unmarried, Palpatine don't got a wife; in fact the only person who's married is Jimmy Smitts!"

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