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"What other historical event can we slap a love triangle into? Rip off Titanic's bow kiss scene by trying to do the same shit in a plane."

However, Bruckheimer and Bay's cynical cash-grab failed to impress even mongoloids. And the film even starred two of 'em."''

Spoony: But this isn't my movie! I can't just rip off somebody's movie!
Dr. Insano: PFFFFFFFFFWAHAHAHA! Since freaking when?! HYAHAHAHAHA! This is America, homie!
Spoony: I need a shower.
Noah Antwiler on Massacre at Central High

"Shia LaBeouf recently stole the spotlight by stealing an entire screenplay. He 'plagiarized' the script for his short film HowardCantour.com from Daniel Clowes' comic Justin M. Damiano, in the same way settlers 'short-changed' Native Americans for the island of Manhattan. But he paid less."

"Our heroes are not world-leading scientists and explorers, but a bunch of kids who are turned into freaks and forced to fight to protect a world that would probably fear and hate them if it had a chance to know them....Scenes are borrowed almost wholeheartedly from Foxís most successful superhero franchise. At one point, Reed Richards shares a long commute with his former (and somewhat jaded) friend Benjamin Grimm, who has found himself cursed through transformation. ďDoes it hurt?Ē Reed asks innocently. Grimm avoids answering, ďEvery time.Ē''

First she came for Madonna,
and I didnít speak out because Iím not Madonna.

Then she came for Boy George,
and I didnít speak out because Iím not Boy George.

Then she came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.
Michael K. (parodying Martin Niemöller) on Lady Gaga

"The plot was removed by Caesarian section from an Indiana Jones movie so sloppily that doctors were unable to save any of the relatable characters or coherent motivations, and it also took a lead from the Dan Brown school of puzzles, i.e. present the viewer some ancient riddle and then immediately solve it for them, because if they were smart they wouldn't be watching this piss."

"It's seriously just one purple jellyfish away from being IP infringement. It's a fangame in all but the name."

"It's like someone was watching Jaws and they were like, 'Hmmmm, but what if we made it really asinine?"
Allison Pregler on Baywatch, "Shark Derby"

Chris: I think thereís only one way to say it: Smallville has done an episode that rips off The Matrix, and it is currently the year 2011.
David: And Chris, whatís truly amazing about this episode is that it rips off The Matrix ó itself a gigantic rip-off of Grant Morrisonís Invisibles. If they just skipped the middlemen and ripped off Morrison instead, Iím pretty sure Iíd be singing this episodeís praises.
— Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Collateral")

"Friday afternoon I was on a bus coming home from Edson, Alberta and I started to get a movie craving. But I couldn't decide. Did I want to watch Date Night, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, or Se7en.

Silly me, why should I have to choose?"
Julian Finn on Smallville, "Masquerade"

Bill Nye the Science Guy: My show would never have happened without yours.
Professor Proton: That's what I told my lawyers!