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Quotes: Serial Numbers Filed Off
"Our first stop on the Rip-Off Train begins in 2001, when a spinoff of Bungie (yes, that Bungie, of Halo fame) channeled their love of the hit manga and anime Ghost in the Shell into an ambitious third-person shooter-slash-melee combat game... The result is sorta like Ghost in the Shell! Except without, y'know, all the ambiguity and intrigue and intellectualism...Ghost in the Shell was great for its lofty ideas and biblical symbolism, and also for its striking visualization of a cyberpunk dystopia; Oni, and we might as well throw Rare's two Perfect Dark games in this while we're at it, sorta nails the latter while completely ignoring the former. Oni's protagonist is like an Americanized doppleganger of Ghost in the Shell's Major Kusanagi, but while Kusanagi personified the series' trademark sense of William Gibson-esque philosophy, Oni's Kusanagi impostor roils about in a boilerplate Tom Clancy novel of gub'mint corruption, replete with your prototypical bullshit backstory."

Chris: I think thereís only one way to say it: Smallville has done an episode that rips off The Matrix, and it is currently the year 2011.
David: Writer Jordan Hawley should actually, seriously consider a new line of work. And Chris, whatís truly amazing about this episode is that it rips off The Matrix ó itself a gigantic rip-off of Grant Morrisonís Invisibles. If they just skipped the middlemen and ripped off Morrison instead, Iím pretty sure Iíd be singing this episodeís praises...To be fair, it DOES tease us for ten minutes with maybe being a Manchurian Candidate ripoff before it declares its unabashed willingness to stick actors with less emotional range than Keanu Reeves in the Matrix. I keep thinking maybe Michel Gondry is directing this episode, and it was actually an outtake from Be Kind Rewind.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri' on Smallville ("Collateral")

"The Island ended up becoming an inauspicious way to kick off a career in movies, particularly when DreamWorks and (Michael) Bay were sued for copyright infringement by the makers of the low budget Ď70s sci-fi film Parts: The Clonus Horror. You may remember the eerie similarities between The Island and Clonus being detailed extensively on this very site. And if you donít remember that, you may recall hearing about it on Cracked when they shamelessly copied my comparison screenshots without permission (itís ironic, because the article about rip-offs is itself a rip-off!)."

"Shia LaBeouf recently stole the spotlight by stealing an entire screenplay. He 'plagiarized' the script for his short film from Daniel Clowes' comic Justin M. Damiano, in the same way settlers 'short-changed' Native Americans for the island of Manhattan. But he paid less. He stole the entire comic, scene for scene, line for line, word for goddamn word. It is impossible to overstate how directly he ripped it off. I've used photocopiers that make less direct reproductions. When you read the title "," you've already experienced most of Shia's contribution to the project. The only other alterations were things like changing the bagels the characters eat into cookies. That's the level of cinematic insight Shia brings to a creative project: liking cookies."

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