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Quotes: Sequel Escalation
It's time for my pound of flesh!
Psycho enemies, Borderlands

It's time... for THREE pounds of flesh!
Psycho enemies, Borderlands 2

"The mistake is to lazily tell stories about ever-larger powers and effects, and so start an 'arms race' of Realms Shaking Events each trying to outdo the last."
Ed Greenwood, interview in Kobold Quarterly #3

"You know how Super Mario went from Land, to World, to Galaxy and now they've sort of written themselves into a corner? I can't help thinking this franchise is taking a similar path, and once they get to Arkham Universe you can't rely on suspension of disbelief to explain how the Joker can pay for a space program."

"The Die Hard movies keep getting bigger in scope. First one: stuck in a building. Second one: stuck in an airport. Third one: stuck in New York City. Fourth one: the entire eastern half of the United States. And then the fifth one now is... Russia? All of Russia, somewhere in Russia? And Russia is quite bigger than the U.S., geographically speaking. So the next one is: John McClane stuck on Earth."
Half in the Bag on the Die Hard franchise

"Kersey travels from town to town, and inevitably is forced or talked into taking up arms against the scum. As is usually the case, the first film is both stronger and subtler than those that follow. In the original, Kersey is physically and emotional vulnerable. After his first encounter with a mugger, he runs to his bathroom and throws up... he arms himself with a simple revolver, while in the later films he leaned on increasingly outrageous ordnance (as we shall see)."
Jabootu on Death Wish 5

"The original movie was about some punk kids who were bullying Daniel with what lame karate they learn in a strip mall dojo. Time is short, but Miyagi is able to teach Daniel just enough to beat his competition. And the level of competition is that you would expect in a junior league karate tournament. There was a grounding in reality. But here they figure the original was not fast enough, bloody enough, or choreographed enough for modern audiences... The fights have also been turned from realistic choreography to almost a live action anime. The kids are defying physics with wire fu. They are doing hurricanranas and pele kicks and moves rejected from Crouching Tiger cause they were considered too unbelievable. Cripes people! These are 12 year olds, they should not be mimicking the final fight between Neo and Agent Smith."

"You know how in a sequel, you have to keep making everything bigger and better? Even when it doesn't make sense, a.k.a. the "Why Didn't They Just Send The Liquid Metal Terminator The First Time" principle?"

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