Quotes / Sense Freak

Leela: Bender, you drank and smoked when you were a robot!
Bender: But now it's bad for me!
Futurama, "Anthology of Interest 2"

"Follow me, my Children, and the glory of victory shall be yours. We shall cleanse ourselves in the crimson waters of our enemy. We shall bring the ecstasy of quick release to those who stand before us. We shall give bloody praise to the Lord of Pleasure and sing his name as we dance across the fallen. Follow me, my Children, and you shall taste the undreamt joys that lie beyond the bounds of mortal sense."
Fabius Bile, The Arch-Mason of Human Flesh, Warhammer 40,000

"I want to live! I want to explore the universe and I want to eat pie!"
Urgo, Stargate SG-1

Angel: Why didn't you ever tell me about chocolate and peanut butter?
Buffy: Well, I figured if your vamp taste buds couldn't really savor it, then it would only hurt you, you know?
Angel, "I Will Remember You"

"We are... explorers of the deeper realms of experience. Angels to some, demons to others."
Pinhead, Hellraiser

"I never saw anything else, because everyone ate the same stuff. Well, not exactly the same stuff. I mean, it was "perfectly tailored to your individual nutritional needs" and all that bollocks. But none of it was different in a way you'd actually notice. But then...then I came here. And oh my god. Oh. My. God. There's just...everything! And it all tastes so good! I'm not kidding. Even things everyone hates taste good!"
Sam, Kaspall