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Quotes: Self-Destruct Mechanism
"Coin operated self-destruct... Not one of my better ideas."
Plankton, SpongeBob SquarePants

Keitaro: Why'd you put in something like that!?
Suu: You know, that's just something mad scientists do.

"I know your UNATCO killphrase: Laputan Machine."
JC Denton, Deus Ex

Oglethorpe: Ours is voice-activated! All you have to do is say "explode", and it does just that!
Computer: 5, 4, 3, 2...

Phineas: Everything's wired through this self-destruct button. Do you even need that?
Doofensmirtz: Well, of course I need- [Beat] Wait a minute; no, I do not need that. You are absolutely right!

"Well unless you've got any more bright ideas," said B'Ellen. "I suggest we go to Plan Flee. Big Brother, where's the self-destruct mechanism?"
There was a long silence from the computer.
"Why?" Big Brother asked suspiciously.
"Err...we just want to look at it," B'Ellen mumbled.
"Um, yes," said Kaneway. "We've er, never seen a self-destruct mechanism before."
"You cowards," fumed the computer. "You want to destroy the ship and run away. If I were a HAL-9000 I would kill you where you stand!"
—- ALIEN!!!, an Alien / Star Trek: Voyager Slash Fic parody by Odon

"Fire a single shot into Darkhan territory and I press this button. You know what it does, every one of your ships has them as well. Every control rod will be blown out of the ship's pile in that instant and half your filthy city will go up in the explosion. Go on, fire. I think I will enjoy pressing this."
Darkhan navy officer, Deathworld

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