Quotes: Self-Deprecation

"He had the kind of face only a mother could love, if that mother was blind in one eye and had that kind of milky film over the other... but still, he was my identical twin."
Colin Mochrie speaking about Ryan Stiles, during a game of "Narrate" on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Don't applaud that! Applaud my idiocy.
Conan O'Brien

Comedy is the second-lowest form of entertainment, next to animation.
Trixie Tang, The Fairly Oddparents

So now Andy's a TV writer. Loser.
Lisa, The Simpsons, "Pranks and Greens"

Pres. Bartlet: What plaid flannel-wearing, cheese-eating yahoo of a milkman governor signed that idiot bill into state law?
Charlie Young: [looks uncomfortable]
Pres. Bartlet: It was me, wasn't it?
Charlie Young: Yes, sir.
The West Wing, "Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail"

Sorry. I apologize to any of the parents of the kids who bought this album, and to the kids and their pets, for having to listen to this. Especially this song. It's terrible.
Five Iron Frenzy, "Kingdom of the Dinosaurs", Quantity is Job 1

We must never stop reminding the reader what little value they get for their money!
William Gaines, on the philosophy of MAD

Why Do People Write "Considered Harmful" Essays?
There are those cases where such essays are written because the author enjoys grandstanding, and knows that use of the "considered harmful" format will get them noticed. A piece of this type is usually so over the top that it is easy to spot. For example, a piece titled "'Considered Harmful' Essays Considered Harmful" would very likely be a case of using the "considered harmful" format to draw attention for its own sake. We will ignore such essays in this commentary.
Eric A. Meyer, in the essay "Considered Harmful" Essays Considered Harmful

Diabeetus: You know what would be sadder than reviewing this game? ...if someone went and hacked the damn thing.
Slowbeef: I'll sa— fuck you.
Retsupurae, in their RP of Policenauts (Slowbeef worked on the translation patch for it.)

Itís worth noting that through the comedic first half, as Tennant goes around making all of the obvious jokes at Davisonís expense (ďdecorative vegetableĒ), Davison takes only one real shot at Tennant, but itís an absolutely scathing one - pointing out that Tennantís patter really just amounts to describing everything in front of him. Obviously the story isnít anti-Tennant by any measure, but itís telling, I think, that it does give an actual critique of Tennantís portrayal.

Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, 'Where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night.'
Charles Schulz

"Story of my life! I get no respect!"

"There is no Jewish conspiracy to control the banks. You know why? Because we can't agree on a place to go for dinner! We couldn't even get the meeting started! (in an authoritative voice) 'All right, the Jewish meeting to control the banks will now commence.' (in a grouchy voice) 'Hey, who died and made you king? Never mind me. I'm no one here. I have no opinions."

Peejee: Every day it's more obvious to me how Davan takes after you.
Fred: Now just a second. I can insult him 'cuz he's my son!

We don't know about reverb,
We may not be good looking.
This is the only song we know,
These are the chords for us.
Korpiklaani, "Bring Us Pints of Beer"

I laugh in the face of danger! Then I hide until it goes away.

It is the job of the fool to point out that the Emperor has no clothes; to confront the things that the rest of us are happy to ignore. And the truly great Emperor will humour the jester. It's the insecure despots who send them to the dungeons to have their jingly hats shoved so far down their throats that they poo out silver bells.

JonTron: Well aren't you running the self deprecation train right now.

God, that was a sick burn on myself. Jeez. That was actually pretty relentless. God, I can't believe that I just said that. That was the epitome of no life right there.
Chuggaaconroy, after evaluating his life (or lack thereof) while trying to capture Moltres in Pokťmon FireRed

Is it possible to do anything with crap? Obviously yes, since we're in our fifteenth season.
Red Green, The Red Green Show

Hey, look, a song about us!
— Video description for a playthrough of Even the Losers in Rock Band.

TISM are shit, TISM are shit
TISM are shit, I am shit.
TISM, "TISM Are Shit"

'And in July, I made headlines, which was great news, if there's No Such Thing as Bad Publicity. Tell you what, that's when you know you're in trouble, when the prime minister of the country that you live in breaks off from the G-20 summit in Mexico. He's in a meeting with Barack Obama, the most important man in the world, and he says "excuse me Barack, I've got something very important I need to deal with right now. Jimmy Carr is a dick.'

I enjoy the comedy device of self-deprecation ... but I'm not very good at it.
Arnold Brown

This pizza boy is somebody I should have fired. Just a terrible actor. Oh wait. I guess it's me in a cameo.
Rob Cohen, DVD Commentary for The Fast and the Furious

Luigi: Hey Mario, what is this garbage?
Mario: It's fucking SHIT, Luigi! It's a meme game that someone made, combining all the memes into one game! It's garbage, Luigi! Don't play it!
Luigi: Hey Mario, I know someone who's gonna play it. And you can always send it to him!
Mario: *sigh* What's his name, Luigi?
Luigi: His name is Vinesauce. He's a real jerk-off, Mario! He thinks this shit is funny!
Vinny's steam of Supre Smesh Bras, with Vinny doing a spot-on impression of Mario and Luigi, Vinesauce