Quotes / Secret Keeper

So Dr. Agasa told you that I have been shrunk, and then you two (his parents) decided to make me even lower by concocting this devious charade.
- Conan Edogawa, Detective Conan

So the poison didn't kill you, it shrunk you, and now you're freeloading off Old Man Moore (Mouri) so you can hang out with the girl you love while you look for the men in black.
- Harley Hartwell (Heiji Hattori), Detective Conan

"I understand now. I don't know why, but she looked different somehow. Ranma looked manly enough. This child is a man."
- Nodoka Saotome, Ranma

They saw us like this, didn't they?
- Nanoha Takamachi, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Ayu: S-So, that means you really flew up the sky...
Nina: That's right.
Ayu: And the cat talks, too...
Rio: I'm Rio! Nice to meet you.
Ayu: Which means that you're really...
Nina: Yup! I'm a magic girl!
Ayu: Magic girl?!!

I see! Before, it really wasn't my imagination after all!
- Hiroki Tsujiai, Ultra Maniac

I didn't want to tell you until you wanted to tell me. It's your secret.
- Jazz Fenton, Danny Phantom

And I know you're gonna freak out but just stay with me, okay? Magic is real.

"Bombo, I... I can see you! The Bobaks, Bursties, Snyakutz Bu, I can see all of you."
Elena Potato, Monster Allergy

I guess now you understand why I missed a couple of classes lately?
- Will Vandom, W.I.T.C.H.

Why? Why did you hide the truth from me? Were you enjoy teasing me? What was I to you?! What did you think of me?!
- Asuka Jr., Kaitou Saint Tail

The fact that you were Jeanne is obvious to me from the very beginning!
- Miyako Todaiji, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Sammy: Misao? Misao, what are you doing here? (sees the Pixy Misa baton) That baton!
Tsunami: It can't be!
Ryo-Ohki: What?!
Washu: (in English) Jesus!

Sammy: No... it can't be... (drops her baton) Misao... Misao, you're Pixy Misa?! (transforms to Sasami)
Sasami: How... how it could be?
Misao: Sasami... So all along, I've been doing this to you, Sasami?
Sasami: It's not true, is it, Misao? You're not really Misa, right?
Misao: (grabs head and cries) NOOO!

Hiroto: Sasami and Sammy sound alike.
Konoha: Your hair and faces are identical!
Students: And your personalities, too!
Kenji: I knew all along, of course!
Students: We thought we were supposed to keep quiet about it!
Love Me Eimi: Kawai! Use your magic to turn me back to normal!
Misao: Your secret's out, Sasami.

When I found out that you were Mermaid Princess of the Indian Ocean, I left you because I thought I would be a burden.

Lucia! Could it be that Lucia is the mermaid?

I thought we were friends. I thought we told each other everything, but I guess I was wrong since you just kept the biggest secret in the world: Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana!
- Lilly Truscott, Hannah Montana

Oliver: So you were Hannah in the limo, when I was upside down?
Miley: Yup.
Oliver: And backstage, when I was hanging out of the window?
Miley: Yup.
Oliver: And when I hid in the bass drum on your tour bus all the way to Phoenix?
Miley: You did what?
Oliver: Nothing.

Dear Miley, I thought about what you said and you're right. I do wish I was a normal person sometimes. I just don't know how to do that yet, but when I figure it out I hope I'll be worthy of someone as terrific as you. And don't worry, your secret will always be safe with me.
- Jake Ryan, Hannah Montana

Phil, I don't care if you're from the future. Or from Kansas...Or some nut job from...Nutsville. It doesn't matter to me. Whatever secrets you have, they're safe with me.
- Keely Teslow, Phil of the Future

Oh my gosh, I'm having a birthday cupcake in space... with a wizard! My best friend's a wizard!
- Harper Finkle, Wizards of Waverly Place

I found out she's an angel
I don't think she knows I know
I'm worried that something might happen to me
If anyone ever finds out
They Might Be Giants, "She's an Angel"