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Quotes: Scholastica
"It is hard to be formal when I feel I am talking to dogs, power rangers, monsters, Jenny and Joy, Sailor Scouts, and floating heads."
~Parable on avatars

"Good thing I had a book on the Civil War to kill the time. Nothing like reading about your people killing each other to pass the time."

"Are those fries so good they deserve to be mentioned twice?"
Parable on doubleposting on fries

"A day without stabbing is like a rainy day? I guess that explains why the murder rate goes down during storms."

Parable: I seem to have misplaced my needles. That is what I get for sharing them.
Haven: ...You're talking about knitting, right?
Parable: No. Augh this must be what it feels like to have a withdrawl.
~Parable on losing his sewing needles

If you see my face, it is not me!

That is much better.
I think I need a new avatar.
—Parable, always

Parable does not send mere bots to imitate him! No Parabot can be as Parablastic as Parable!

Dragons? Ha, I survived the flying squirrels! Dragons are nothing compared to those!

On Scholastica:

Scholastica, the man of a million asses!

He- Are you fuckin' serious? HE CHANGES AVATARS BASED ON WHETHER HE'S AWAKE? That's incredible. I take my hat off to him.

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