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I swear I am going to update even if I have to update with my freaking teeth. Aaaaargh. ''
Amber Williams, Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures

Wow, I can't wait for the next episode! Whenever THAT is, am I right?!
Steven, Steven Universe

Ack. Okay, the next page will be up on Tuesday night. Don't think of it as "slow", think of it as "dramatic tension"!
Andrea L. Peterson, No Rest for the Wicked

Two years [sic] in the future, huh? YEAH, THE VIDEO TOOK ABOUT THAT LONG, TOO.
JesuOtaku's tagline for his Digimon Adventure 02 review.

This series began around 2005, stopped in 2008, and was supposed to continue again in February of this year as "Dark Knight: Boy Wonder". Still hasn't happened and I don't think it ever will.
Linkara, reviewing All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder in April of 2011

After a year of waiting, Frank Miller's finally released enough issues of "The Goddamn Batman" to warrant another Longbox column! Apparently that kind of insanity takes time to cultivate (it ages like a fine wine).
This monthly comic publishes about three issues a year. You can't rush this kind of quality, folks.
Protoclown, also reviewing All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder

It was in July when affairs reached this climax. It is now November, nearly December, & consequently a period of about four months has lapsed in the interim. We are not to suppose [...] that Miss Caroline has been standing for upwards a quarter of a year with her foot on the carriage-step.
Charlotte Brontė's Caroline Vernon, making this Older Than Radio

Fan: Is Homestuck going to end on 6/12/13?
Andrew Hussie: The absolute best way for me to guarantee this won't happen is for me to say yes.

An update that actually occurred in a reasonable timeframe? What madness is this?
— Author's note for chapter 35 of Uninvited Guests

A whole brand new Cr@psule Monsters episode! And it only took five years! YEAH! NEW RECORD BABY!

"We're a team made up entirely of freelance non-profit non-professional developers who can only spend so much time on this project. This project is but another responsibility next to our other stuff such as education, work, families, superhero alter-ego's etc. etc. We can't spend as much time on this game as we'd like to, and we work with a relatively small team, meaning that even a single member being unable to work due to other stuff has a huge impact. This all makes it very difficult to set exact release dates, and we don't want to post a date out of the blue only to disappoint later."
Steven, Super Smash Flash 2 developer

Wow. Okay, so… What was supposed to be a one-month hiatus has stretched to 14 months and counting, and that is completely my fault.
— D.Z, co-author of Panthera

I know what you're thinking: LegendarySage is a supercharged asshole who'll take forever to make shit because Runes of Magic has taken over LegendarySage's life. That's right!

Sectus: An-and they-and they claim they're gonna announce the release date for the PC version (of Resident Evil 6) soon, but I don't know when "soon" is.
Omgarrett: It-it's soon in developer time, so that's like 3 years from now.
Rymante: Well, it could be worse. It... it could be worse, it could be "soon" in Valve Time.
"This comic updates every week except when it doesn't."
Website decription for Dumb_RWBY.