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Quotes: Scarface
"You wanna play rough? Huh? Okay! Say hello to my little friend!"
Tony Montana

"Who you think you fuckin' with? I'm Tony Montana! You fuck with me, you fuckin' with the best!"
Tony Montana

"What you lookin' at? You all a bunch of fuckin' assholes. You know why? You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be? You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin' fingers and say, "That's the bad guy." So... what that make you? Good? You're not good. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I don't have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. So say good night to the bad guy! Come on. The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, let me tell you. Come on. Make way for the bad guy. There's a bad guy comin' through! Better get outta his way!"
Tony Montana

"Can't you stop saying 'fuck' all the time?"
Elvira Hancock

"Lesson number one: Don't underestimate the OTHER guy's greed!"
"Lesson number two: Don't get high on your own supply."
Frank Lopez and Elvira Hancock

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