Quotes / Saying Sound Effects Out Loud

"Yawn! You see, I say 'yawn' because when I actually yawn, you don't get it."
Jordan, Scrubs

Inigo: Sigh.
Owain: Okay, just stop. You're not even sighing. You're just saying the word "sigh."
Willow: Buffy, I want you to know that I'm really sorry for letting you down. You know, here before with the magic going all Arrrrgh! and me going all Eeeeee! and everything getting all Rrrrrr!

Linkara! He is a man! PUNCH! Wears a purdy hat!
Atop the Fourth Wall theme song.

The dog hadn't barked. It had said "woof."

Krillin: [firing energy blasts] Pachu! Pachu! Pachu!
Trunks: ...Are you... making laser noises?
Krillin: All the time in my head. Why, is that weird?
Trunks: [starts firing energy blasts] Pew-pew! Pew-pew!