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Jack: I have to warn you. I've heard relationships based on intense experiences never work.
Annie: OK, we'll have to base it on sex, then.
Jack: Yes, ma'am.

I knew you wouldn't leave Olivia. Not after your whole whirlwind romance... Hee hee... Turn my back one minute and you're married. The next minute? A baby!
Lissa (if Chrom marries Olivia, whom he can marry at the end of the chapter she is recruited), Fire Emblem: Awakening


The men play a very subordinate part by her side... They see her at a ball, and are dazzled; at a flower-show, and they are fascinated; on a riding excursion, and they are witched by her noble horsemanship; at church, and they are awed by the sweet solemnity of her demeanour.


Crow: I'm going to be your love interest whether you like it or not!
Mystery Science Theater 3000, "Colossus and the Headhunters"

Describe Queen Amidala's character? Um...........................Monotone.
Jay Bauman, when asked to describe Padmé Amidala

This is a character actually identified in the credits as Bad Boy (Richard Harmon). Attention, women! You should never sleep with a man whose only attribute is that you want to sleep with him.

Zed says, "You have given me what no other gave. Love." What? Since when? So, chasing him around with torches, that was love? Coming at him with a knife, that was love?

With this smoothly introduced love scene, the audience I was with actually groaned and someone yelled 'Oh come on!' Really, it's like the filmmakers had a quota to fill or something. "Okay, we need three sword fights, three explosions, one environmental message and one love scene. Get them in the movie somehow. I don't care if they make sense, just get them in there".

At the 50-minute mark the kid worries about how "all of this might end" even though he had literally spent less than 2 MINUTES with the girl throughout the ENTIRE FILM! That, my friends, is HORRIBLE relationship development. Don't believe me? Try this. Imagine that you're on a first date. You meet this person at a restaurant, introduce yourself, and then sit at the table. While waiting for the server to bring you your drinks you say, "Gee sweety, I don't know how I'd live without you." Rest assured that you'll never get a second date.
A review from IMDb of My Beautiful Girl Mari

These are the scenes involving the two and again, I am not making this up. Scene one the pilot sees the woman from a few thousand feet up in a plane and they have love at first sight. Scene two the pilot finds the woman’s house and just makes himself at home despite never talking before. Scene three they fuck. Scene four he proposes to the girl. Keep in mind that these characters cannot speak to each other because he only speaks English and she only speaks Italian. So we are lead to believe that this couple has sprinted through the relationship course of meeting, fucking, and marrying within the span of a week without even talking to one another?

Alright lady, you've known the guy for less than 3 minutes total of screentime. You're not exactly at the NOOOO! stage of a relationship yet.

It's just a bit more sophisticated than the usual approach to romance in games, which is to say 'Here is your woman, you love her because A) We say you do, B) She's the only thing in this plot with an X chromosome, and C) She's built like two shrink-wrapped bowling balls arguing over a sandwich.'

Headless Monk: Yes, the Doctor is scary. And powerful and dangerous.
Female Obsessed With Doctor #2: And sexy.
Female Obsessed With Doctor #4: And I should know, because I met him when I was a kid and became obsessed with him before I even hit puberty.
Female Obsessed With Doctor #2: Yes, so did I.
Female Obsessed With Doctor #3 Uh huh. And me.
Amy: Me too.
River: Yep. And me. In fact, I was genetically designed to be obsessed with him. I have no other purpose in life.
Fans: Give this man a vault full of Hugo awards, this is genius.
Jack Graham, "How to Write a Steven Moffat Script"

Intentionally or not, the entire Sonichu/Rosechu relationship serves as Christian's model for how he presumes he will interact with his eventual sweetheart. Sonichu's attraction to Rosechu is based entirely on a single wayward glance. He makes no effort to win her affection, and indeed he does not need to as Rosechu falls for him simply because he exists. They are rarely out of one another's sight, and all of their time together is spent kissing, snuggling or screwing. Christian does not depict Rosechu as an unequal partner in the relationship, but since she has almost no purpose or existence outside of her association with Sonichu, the character essentially becomes an object for Sonichu to periodically come inside.
CWCki on Sonichu's Rosechu

... However, Wilson circumvents one plot foible that irks the crap out of me most of the time: the idea that because the narrator and the story proclaim person A and person B “soul mates” and that they are Meant to Be Together, they are hereby exempt from all normal awkward process of getting to know the other person – even though they are for all intents and purposes complete freaking strangers.
— Reviewer S.B Sarah here