Quotes / Satan Is Good

"All I asked for was equality and independence. A rotating chairmanship might have been the answer."
D.J. Enright, Lucifer Broods

Dey tell all you chillun
De debble's a villun,
But 'tain't necessarily so.
Porgy and Bess, "It Ain't Necessarily So"

Ig: In a lot of ways, I guess Satan was the first superhero.
Glenna: Don't you mean supervillain?
Ig: Nah. Hero, for sure. Think about it. In his first adventure, he took the form of a snake to free two prisoners being held naked in a Third World jungle prison by an all-powerful megalomaniac. At the same time, he broadened their diet and introduced them to their own sexuality. Sounds like a cross between Animal Man and Dr. Phil to me.

Dan Marino: I can't stand retirement. Come on, just let me win one Superbowl.
Satan: In exchange for eternal damnation of your soul? You're much too nice a guy for me to want to do that to you, Mr Marino.
Marino: You did it for Namath!
Satan: Yeah, but Joe was coming here anyways.
Marino: This sucks. (storming off) I'll just go to the Superbowl as an announcer! And I'll win myself an Emmy!
Satan: That's the spirit!
Nicky: You're a good Devil, Dad.
Satan: And I also happen to be a Jets fan.

"I have nurtured every sensation man has been inspired to have! I cared about what he wanted and I never judged him! Why? Because I never rejected him, in spite of all his imperfections, I am a fan of MAN!!! ...I am a humanist, maybe the last humanist."

"Satan is good. Satan is my pal. Satan is good, Satan is my pal"
Ghost's opinion on heavy metal bands.

I'm just like you, made by He
despised by They, I'm almost me
I'm nearly human, look at me!
I'm almost a human being!
Voltaire, Almost Human.