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Quotes: Squee!
"Alright, just promise you won't scream like a girl."
Hank Hill, who explains to Bobby that, yes, he can have a rose garden (and then he promptly squees like a girl)

"Agatha Christie."
"What about her?"
"...That's me."
Agatha Christie and Donna Noble, Doctor Who

Elliott: "Yeah, didn't any of you hear that one girl scream?"
Tedd: "We're in a high school cafeteria. A girl screams every five minutes."
—cut to—
Lisa: "EEEEEK! I love your lip gloss!"
Amanda:"EEEEEK! Me too!"

Johny: Why do you keep bringing weird stuff home? I think that school's warping your mind.
Rob: Eee!
(cut to several flashbacks of Rob squeeing at Johny in past times)
Rob: Eee! Eee! Eee!
(back in reality)
Johny: No, wait, you've always been crazy.
Siblings, "Dog Daze of Boredom"

->"Even as a gigantic man-nerd whose wardrobe consists of 90% Superman shirts, at this point the prospect of another superhero movie sends me into a 17th century-style fit of the vapours that require me be fanned out of catatonia by a passing gentleman."

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